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On Pexels Videos you can find high-resolution footage for your projects. All videos are under the Creative Commons Zero license. This means you can use them for free even for commercial use cases. You can download all of these videos with one click for free.

Here are the best free 4K videos on Pexels Videos:

Couple Walking on a Beach Filmed with a Drone

Couple Walking on a Beach Filmed with a Drone

4K Drone Video of a City

Drone Footage of High Rises in a City

Drone Shoots in 4K of a Beautiful Beach

Beach Aerial Footage Taken by a Drone

Timelapse of Moving Clouds and Sunset

Time Lapse Of Sunset

Seascape Video in 4K

4K Footage of a Sea on a Cloudy Day

Bird's-eye View on a Small Town

Drone Footage of a Town

Free Beach and Ocean Footage

Drone Footage of a Beach

These were some of our free videos in 4K Ultra HD. You can find even more footage on our homepage:

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